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Described as one of dubstep’s first titans, but known as Dwayne Marsh to his friends, D1 cemented his place in dubstep’s history books years back with a series of releases in the genre’s DMZ and Tempa dominated half-step days.

A noted classic amongst his tunes being the incredible ‘Crack Bong’ released in 2009, later to be remixed by Loefah. ‘Crack Bombs’ brittle drums, time-stretched samples and warped main pulse, made it perhaps the scariest thing dubstep had produced at that point in its history.

D1′s release schedule isn’t prolific. His presence has been relatively low key over the last few years however 2017 will be home to the release of new material. 2008’s V2 and V3 EPs for Tempa were firm favourites amongst dubstep fans, while ‘Sorrow’ remains one of the genre’s greatest unreleased dubplates. In 2011, Marsh released ‘Jus Business/Pitcher’, a Dub Police single that continues the bounding propulsion of D1′s past work while looking to UK hardcore and rave for inspiration.

With dubstep making its comeback in the underground scene, D1 has recently been popping up around London and after playing various strictly vinyl nights last year, he is emerging yet again. In doing so, Marsh is rebuilding his eminent reputation but with a new found audience. He has been described as ‘a great’ amongst his peers and as ‘the legendary D1’ on his honorary return to the scene.

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