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British producer and DJ, El-B is considered a pioneer within the dubstep genre and is known to be one of the most influential figures in the history of UK bass music. Born to a saxophonist father, he began making music at 16 after dropping out of school. After receiving an education in dance music from Kiss FM legend Colin Dale, El-B began producing drum & bass. He progressed into garage and was instrumental in the birth of the UK 2-step sound; setting in motion the genesis of dubstep and grime in the process.

In 2000, following a few years of garage crossing over into the pop charts and becoming a pale imitation of its former self, El-B founded the garage label ‘Ghost Recordings’ which allowed him and his cohorts to create a highly influential sound that fell somewhere in between the drum & bass of his origins and the slower syncopation of his garage days. This sound would subsequently evolve and splinter into dubstep and grime music, later becoming a global force. He has collaborated with the likes of Burial and remixed artists such as Angie Stone, Goldie and Disclosure.

With hundreds of production and engineering credits to his name, he is a prolific and enduring force whose contribution to the UK's music scene and sounds cannot be underestimated.



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